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About us: Amsak Cranes one of the world's largest manufacturer of EOT cranes, HOT cranes, Factory cranes, Portal cranes, Jib-cranes, Goliath-cranes, Gantry cranes, Underslung-cranes, Electric wire rope hoists, Electric chain hoists, Industrial cranes, Crane components, Harbor cranes, and other material handling equipment's. AMSAK Cranes was founded in 1978 by its Founder and Managing Director Mr. S. ARUMUGAM. From that very humble beginning, AMSAK CRANES has firmly established as one of the world's volume overhead cranes provided innovative material handling solutions, quality parts and reliable service for its customers throughout India. Over this period Amsak cranes has earned a reputation for quality, reliability and advanced technology. Through constant research and development, We aim to provide our customers with complete lifting solutions to an all round excellence, safety, operational reliability and costing value. Products: E.O.T Single Girder Cranes: Single girder cranes has reduced wheel loads, saving costs on new support structures and increased lifting capacities on existing structures. Hoists are offered as standard in low headroom format running on the bottom flange of the beam. E.O.T Double Girder Cranes: Double girder cranes give a better height of lift in given headroom as the hook travels between the beams. They are available in higher capacities than single girder and for heavy duty applications they can be supplied with open winch hoists H.O.T Cranes: Hot cranes providing excellent value for money with no compromise on performance it is designed with state of art Latest techniques, strict quality checks at various stages and final overload testing assures high reliability and safety. JIB Cranes: Jib-cranes available in standard format capacities from 125 kg to 6300 kg. Two formats of jib crane - the pillar or post-mounted jib and the wall or column mounted equipped with chain or wire rope hoists, Post-mounted constructed provide slewing angle 360°. Gantry Cranes: Gantry cranes are ideal for use in aircraft, automotive, and marine repair shops. They also work well in warehouses, machine shops, and loading areas and supplied with four roller-bearing steel wheels for easy maneuverability Goliath Cranes: Goliath cranes available in single and double girder format. It is ideal for outdoor applications and suited to indoor applications and it can be constructed with a cantilever to allow handling outside the rail centers. Typical applications type includes steel stock yards, loading areas, the concrete industry and ship building. Company Services: Amsak cranes investing in high quality lifting and hoisting equipment, it is of vital importance to maintain operative and dependability and individually designed as per our customer specification of and their needs and provides innovative material handling solutions, quality parts and reliable service for its customers throughout India. Timely inspections, maintenance and proper training are just a few tools that are available to facilitate this as we are dedicated to providing lifetime extension services. we have compiled a service assortment to ensure your equipment’s durability. Through close cooperation with our engineering department, the quality of all our operations can be guaranteed. Corporate office; design and manufacturing facility are located in Chennai, India. We are capable of manufacturing cranes from 0.5 Ton to 120 Tones capacity. We have the corporate infrastructure, manufacturing and testing capability to support all projects while maintaining customer delivery commitments, our product range includes E.O.T / H.O.T Cranes, Gantry Cranes, Jib Cranes, Goliath Cranes, Garage Cranes, Underslung Cranes, Mono Rail System and material handling Equipment's. We will continue to expand the global reach of our products and services meet the needs of our customer Note that all of our services can be carried out to fit the specific operations, budget and time-frame of our clients. Quality Assurance and Testing: We always strive for on time and right time delivery of all our products and we aim to achieve this through the use of high quality components and by comprehensively testing each component, as well as our end products we manufacture are subjected to rigorous factory acceptance tests before final delivery to our clients. In the crane overview provided above, we have presented the various crane types that we deliver. We ensure prompt worldwide response on land and offshore. After Sales: We consider the delivery of every crane the start of a long lasting relationship. As we greatly value this relationship, Crane Services to provide you with spare parts, maintenance, upgrades and restoration during the lifetime of your equipment. With an experienced team of skilled maintenance- and repair personnel, Special Features: • Amsak Cranes has a unique difference from other manufactures. • We had manufactured a span of 50 Meter’s without any web plate joint in top, side and bottom plate: Capacity 40 Ton • We don’t have any we plate joint in the complete span. This proves that the box girder have more durability, no welding requires in the web plate. We are proud to say that we are one and only crane manufactures having this type of facility in India. • We are using all reputed German brand of motors i.e. SEW / NORD / SIEMENS • Facility for manufacturing - 2.5 Acres in unit II and .75 acres in Unit I • Separate Service Department looking after – AMC & after – Sales • We have supplied our crane all over India. • Our Strength is in delivery on time supply. • Reputed Quality Durability, long lasting for long years Brands We only use Motors, Gearboxes, Bearings, Pulleys & Allied Accessories of internationally reputed brands

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