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NAVKAR TRADERS is the leading stockiest & wholesaler for Cashew Nuts & Masala Cashew nuts. We have been engaged in offering quality range of Cashew nuts in Full Piece (180 210 320 450) Net & Average Two Piece (JJH JH Single S) Four Piece (Lwp K JK) & Eight Piece (SWP WSP SSP BB-1 BB - 2). Masala cashew in (flavor) Red Chilly Black pepper Salted (Avg size & 240 size available).

The cashew tree is evergreen product. Due to absence of high yielding varieties and multiplication techniques in descriptive seeds and seeding was used for planting purpose. Because of its adaptive ability in wide range of agro climatic conditions it has become a crop of high economy and attained the status of an export oriented commodity bringing considerable foreign exchange to the country. India has a creditable record of attaining good amount of foreign exchange by way of export of cashew kernels. Among the agri-hoticultural commodities getting exported from India cashew ranks the 2nd position. India is the largest area holder of the crop. Cultivation of cashew in India confines mainly to the peninsular areas. Cashew trees are most frequently found in coastal area like Kerala Karnataka Goa and Maharashtra along the west coast and Tamil Nadu Andhra Pradesh Orissa and West Bengal along the east coast.

Cashew nut - healthy advantage: Indian cashew are natures proven finest diet. It’s an all time all place snack. It is a storehouse of nutrients. It contains (appx.) protein 21% fat 47% moisture 5. 9% carbohydrates 22% phosphorus 0. 45% calcium 0. 05% iron 5% for every 100gm and other mineral elements. Eating nuts can be very beneficial as long as they replace other foods and are not just added to the diet. The most prominent vitamins in cashew are vitamin A D and E. These vitamins help assimilate the fats and increase the immunity level. The fact is that there is no cholesterol in nuts since it is a plant product.

We deeply understand the basic requirements /specifications of our customers initially and feed them with our market opinion trend updates and accurate unbiased information including transit requirements etc which helps us & our suppliers to work together to meet the client needs in all aspects of trade thereby ensuring consistency in sourcing the right product maintaining quality parameters of international standards.

We value our clients & conduct business in a open honorable way and strictly concentrate to deliver the products in a timely manner . This has earned the trust & confidence of our major cashew suppliers in our local area. It is our strong belief the bitterness of poor quality remains much longer than the sweetness of low price.

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